Don’t forget your Hong Kong Bucket list!

I came across this great bucket list for Hong Kong and thought I just need to share it… When you are in the process of moving to another country a lot is about organizing, the financials and other practical stuff. You’ll almost forget why you want to go. Well, take a look at this list and you’ll know why you are about to move to Hong Kong!

How much does it cost to live in Hong Kong?

You must have heard that Hong Kong is expensive. It is even nominated by the BBC to be the most expensive city for expats in 2016. So be prepared. The website Expatisan provides an, in my opinion, accurate overview of prices for most bought products and compares this to other countries. Please check it out to get some feeling for the cost of living in Hong Kong. Continue reading “How much does it cost to live in Hong Kong?”

Tips and tricks to settle quickly in Hong Kong

You won’t forget the day you arrive in Hong Kong – the first encounter with the Fragent Harbour’s skyscrapers, wet markets, it’s smells  and tiny serviced apartments, will make you feel excited and scared at the same time. How to get up to speed in this city? Here are some tips: Continue reading “Tips and tricks to settle quickly in Hong Kong”

Moving to Hong Kong? Must have Apps en FB Groups

For the ones just moved to Hong Kong and want to get connected to digital Hong Kong as soon as possible, please find below some useful apps and facebook groups. Continue reading “Moving to Hong Kong? Must have Apps en FB Groups”

How to decide where to live in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has it all: authentic local areas, expat bubbles, island life, buzzling spots in the city and tranquil oases near the beach or mountains and anything in between all of this. So where to live? I will give some pointers to help you decide where to live: Continue reading “How to decide where to live in Hong Kong?”