Life of an expat in Hong Kong – what to expect?

The question most asked during our recent visit to family and friends is: how is it to be an expat in Hong Kong? Well here is the answer – it is amazing to live in one of the world’s economic centers, on the 38th floor with a stunning view, with kids playing in the pool, enjoying the beaches, drinking cocktails in the skybars, and working in one of the beautiful buildings of the skyline. Using the taxi, metro, boat or tram to move around. Making lots of memories with new friends and enjoying time together as a family. Continue reading “Life of an expat in Hong Kong – what to expect?”

Find a relocation Buddy!

I came across this article on Forbes (Susan Adams) when researching for my new blog ExpatWise. It inspired me to become what they state is a key success factors to overcome many relocation traps:  a relocation partner and friend!

The article quotes Couper and Segal, both authors and consultants in the international career industry, who suggest:  Find an expat relocation buddy, someone you know who lives in your new city or town. If that someone has made the same move you’re facing, he or she can help you navigate the many practical challenges ahead, from how to get cable TV hooked up to the local dining scene. Segal also recommends finding a friend who comes from the culture where you’re moving and has spent time in the U.S. “Find someone who can help you with protocol and etiquette, and with the nuances of doing business,” she suggests. Even better than a buddy, says Segal: Ask your firm for professional help, known in the relocation world as a “settling-in service.” These pros, can help you do everything from securing a local driver’s license to getting working papers for your spouse.

With ExpatWise i want  to provide you with  settling-in and expat advice,  with a buddy approach. Please let me know how I can help you with your move to Hong Kong.