Your Partner

IMG_5841ExpatWise is founded by Carina de Wit.

After having experienced myself the wonderful and intense journey of relocating from the Netherlands to Hong Kong in 2016 (with two young girls), I have decided to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with other expats who are just on the edge of taking the big step.

I noticed that relocating is more than the move itself. It comes with a lot of practical aspects, many decisions to make and concerns about the well-being of kids and partners, who  leave behind their friends, family and work. It is about setting up a new life far from home, as quickly as possible. I know that some extra help makes a difference and gives you a warm welcome.

That’s why I started ExpatWise Hong Kong. After having been in consulting and sales jobs for the past 10 years, I like to help you on the beautiful opportunity that is in front of you.

Since half 2019 we left Hong Kong to pursue new adventures, but I hope the blogs are of help!


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