The best YouTube videos featuring Hong Kong

Although I would love to be able to make very good videos about (expat) Hong Kong, the truth is, I am not so good at it. So below you find some great YouTube videos created by others, but selected by me for you! After watching them, you’ll have a good view on what Hong Kong can offer you!

Hong Kong Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia – 6,5 minute overview, seen by over 1,6 million people already.

The Hong Kong Workday | Nomad – A girl filming her work day in Hong Kong. Quit mornings, crazy commute, huge city.

Hong Kong Apartment Search |Robert Trio – The video shows the process Robert and his wife went trough when searching for the right place to live. They show you a few of the apartments they considered and how they get to their final choice.

Hong Kong Street Food Tour!! |Food Ranger – This video makes you hungry. It gives not only the best steet food places for dim sum and much more, but also some nice shots of your dining options in Hong Kong.

The Dragons Back – Hong Kong’s 5 Best walks EP 1. | Drone and a Phone – Nature in Hong Kong, so accessible, so beautiful, so easy! You might get addicted!

Let me know what best video on Hong Kong expat life I have missed!






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