The advice nobody gives you when moving to Hong Kong

By now you might have been reading all my blogs about moving to Hong Kong and probably think there is not much more to know. Well, let me give you some not so common advice I came across in the many conversations I had with expat Hong Kong.

  • Before you move into a new flat, use pest control! Hong Kong houses are full of cockroaches and ants, so you better make sure you take appropriate measures, especially if your flat has been empty for a while.
  • The more local the area, the further away is the Starbucks or any other coffee shop. Or in other words, if there are expats, there is Starbucks.  The coffee shop signal – good to remember when looking for the right place to stay.
  • People pay with creditcard, cash or the octopus card. Compared to my home country i have much more cash in my wallet. And the credit card that I never used back home, gets a lot of use here since they don’t really use direct debit cards. The credit card is common to use in bars, restaurants, supermarkets etc. The  octopus card is mostly used for public transport or to pay smaller amounts in shops. If you register the card and link it to your credit card, it can automatically recharge 250 or 500 HKD. 
  • Some advice for ladies, it is hard to find tampons in Hong Kong. So you might want to stock up some from your home country. And second, I have been told to always have a cover stick or some foubdation in your bag, since the high humidity makes your skin is not behaving as it should 🙂
  • Taxi drivers use the meter and unlike in many other countries do not negotiate a rate before the ride. So don’t do that, you’ll look like an idiot. Also, taxi drivers use taxi stands to pick up new customers. Flagging a taxi, could sometimes work, but you better look for a stand or call them.  And if you go for a long trip, it might be worth to look for discounted taxi’s. Get hold of the phone number of a local taxi association and book a taxi with them.  They often waive toll and tunnel fees.
  • You could have some problems shopping for cloths and especially shoes when you don’t fit the Asian standards. Especially men with big feet and women with curves, be aware and fill another suitcase! Or order online. 
  • For dog owners – know that there is a very useful FB group for dog owners in Hong Kong.  And you will probably need them for advice. It is often difficult to find out if dogs are allowed in certain estates or where to find the best dog walking lanes. Note that dogs are not allowed in public transport, besides in the taxi’s. So moving around with them is more expensive. On the positive side, a dog walker is easy to find, so your friend won’t need to be alone.

If you have some not so common advice that definitely would fit this list, let me know! Read for more tips

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