Tips for finding a place to live in Hong Kong with a small budget

Hong Kong is an expensive city, be warned to spend a big part of your income on rent. As I have been asked by many students, freelancers, graduates and others about housing between 4.000 to 9.000 HKD per month,  I thought I share my tips.

  • Look for places to share with others and split the bill. Look for a flat share.
  • Look for sub-divided apartments (a big apartment divided into some small units with a private toilet, often very very small).
  • Think about walk-up buildings (meaning no elevator and sometimes you need to walk up to the 7th floor).
  • Move away from the Hong Kong island and consider cheaper areas on the Kowloon side, the New Territories or the outlying islands.
  • Use social media to find your place. Especially FaceBook groups like: FindyourroominHongKong, Hong Kong Expats, Expat Hong Kong, GeoExpat, Asiaexpat Classified, Hong Kong Flatshare.
  • Ask previous students or friends of friends etc. if you can take over their room
  • Accept you’ll be living in a very small place and follow your gut feeling if something is right or wrong.

Although it might be very challenging to find something you like within your budget, don’t panic, you’ll find something. Maybe not on the first day you arrive, but stay for a while in a cheaper hostel, meet other people in the same situation and likely your worries will disappear soon.



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