Moving or buying furniture when relocating to Hong Kong?

Do I bring my furniture to Hong Kong or do I buy new furniture over there? I don’t have the answer, just some thoughts.

Houses in Hong Kong are small. And then I mean really small. So if you decide to bring your current furniture, keep that in mind and don’t bring too big pieces, as it might not fit your house or the lift/stairs.  To illustrate, IKEA sells only one 180 cm wide bed, while it has numerous options for 150 cm and smaller.

If you like one-stop shopping, then your best choice is either the IKEA or Horizon Plaza. Horizon Plaza is 28 stories of furniture shops in Ap Lei Chau (can be reached by MTR nowadays) and you can buy there nice, decent, signature items. Although at much higher cost then the IKEA, it is heaven for decorators. IKEA has three stores in town and you’ll can find  all your basics, at relatively low cost. The delivery and assembly service is of course a great help. Use the website to orientate yourself, or even better make a list of all the specific items you want (some of them you can even order online). And have a good look at all the different storage solutions. As space is so limited, you’ll definitely get (or should be) inspired.

But if you have more time to decorate your house, some more budget or just a more specific taste, you will definitely find designer and authentic decoration shops in Hong Kong. Some examples are: TREE, Indigo Living and Homeless.  Or if you fancy a trip to China (Shenzen, Zhuhai at at the border),  you can get custom made furniture at low lost.

Don’t forget social media as an important source for secondhand furnitures (always many expats leaving and having moving-sales).  And use also Facebook to check any specific discounts or problems with some furniture companies. Read here my blog on Apps and FaceBook groups when moving to Hong Kong.

One of the biggest advantages of shipping your furniture and belongings, is that you’ll feel quickly at home in your new house. The big pieces you can find anywhere, but the items with sentimental value won’t be there as well when you store them back home. It will take more time before your house will feel like home again.

From a practical point of view, note that for your electronic household items, you might need adaptors since the power plug used in Hong Kong might differ.

Timing is also important, since shipping requires time, but buying in Hong Kong as well. So take those logistics into account when deciding what is best. Moreover, it can help to do some cost calculations and see what will be the best for the time period you are going to be in Hong Kong.

Let me know if I can help you in more detail with this dilemma. Or leave a comment when you have good tips where to go shopping or what to take with you from home.




4 thoughts on “Moving or buying furniture when relocating to Hong Kong?

  1. daiso is a lifesaver to get your place organised 🙂 I also find myself purging useless possessions every month or so to maintain the peace in an incredibly cramped condo.

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