Moving to Hong Kong? Must have Apps en FB Groups

For the ones just moved to Hong Kong and want to get connected to digital Hong Kong as soon as possible, please find below some useful apps and facebook groups.

Facebook is widely used among expats for sharing information on hong kong life, events, schools, selling or buying furniture and much more. Most of the residential areas have also specific (mum)groups, which is a great way to get to know more about your neighbourhood and what is going on. I would definitely check out the following groups:

Hong Kong Expats, Working In Hong Kong! (For Jobseekers, Employers & Headhunters), Hong Kong Life, Hong Kong Moms (with over 26.000 local and expat mums), Southside Mums and DB Mums (examples of FB groups for mums in specific area’s), BuySellSwap Hong Kong (easy way to furnish your new house; look also for specific area buysellswap groups) Hong Kong Schools (anything related to the hunt for a school spot), Hong Kong Helpers (all about hiring a foreigen domestic helper), Bayside Villagers (example of a local group specifically for residents, in this case Clearwater Bay residents, but there are many more to find on the web)

CityMapper – Ok, most people use Google Maps or the like, but I would suggest to add this app to your list to navigate in Hong Kong. Just set your destination and it will plan your journey by public transport, including street maps for waking if  necessary. Very convenient and accurate!

GoGoVan – The man with the van! Great to pick up large items for your new house. Since most people don’t have a car, let alone a van, this is a super convenient app. It locates your nearest driver by GPS. Let them know your route and requirements and the app will show you which driver is closest to you and ready to move your stuff. Flexibe and doesn’t break the bank, so lets go and move!

MTR Mobile – The official app of MTR Corporation, which is very good for planning your trip as well as getting all kind of additional info on useful facilities like exits, lifts, shops, toilets etc. Worth to download!

My Hong Kong Observatory – As all over the world, the weather is discussed a lot. In order to be prepared (for heavy rain or sun, high temperatures or low), download this app and you’ll know everything. It’s a very comprehensive weather app updating information throughout the day from multiple stations around Hong Kong. It has a nine-day forcast, which can be helpful in planning your activities. But maybe most important is that HK Observatory is the official station for raising Typhoon or other serious weather issues. Good to check or receive alerts, since it can be quite tricky sometimes. 

Hong Kong Air Pollution – This app displays the current air quality in Hong Kong using a variety of different air pollution indexes from around the world and very easy to read since the color scheme green, amber and (dark)red speak for itself. Hong Kong can be very polluted and with this app you’ll see immediately if pre-cautions should be taken.  Note however that pollution is part of daily HK life. So the app helps you to signal severe polluted days, but unfortunately there is not much to do about it.

If you like to have more tips on settling in Hong Kong, read my other blog on tips and tricks to settle quickly in Hong Kong.  Or contact ExpatWise, your Hong Kong Relocation partner.


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